A roof is extruded using multiple machines. It is then layered to make the design sheets. The strength of the product are not lost, and equal thickness is maintained for quality. Rolled Sheet coil in different thickness are extruded separately by different companies which are again pressed to form the design, due to which the thickness and strength may be lost. Asbestos and cement is combined and pressed in a hydraulic machine into required size and thickness, using lots of water and then let to dry Natural clay soil is tempered and pressed in roller to form the shape. Further they are dried and burnt to gain strength. Age old system with very less technology to it
Excellent fire resistance and self extinguishing properties. Average fire resistance capacity. No fire resistance capacity. Average fire resistance capacity.
Eco friendly(Aroof is lead free) Mining and refining bauxite and smelting aluminium is immensely energy intensive, uses large amounts of water, and generates air, water, and soil pollution Asbestos dust is one of the most dangerous dusts to which man is exposed to. Includes four natural elements & they contain no pollutants or allergens.
No colour fading. (Protected by ASA resin) Yes, Paint fades because it is simply an applied coating. Yes, when substances like water, pollution,and chemicals in the atmosphere and specific environments react with the pigment of the paint Yes, so there is no layer of paint or finish on top to be worn away.
Strong, it is not breakable. Breakable after long Period No strength, easily breakable. No strength, easily breakable.
Non-corrosion. Yes, when they are exposed to the air for a long time zinc may corrode Non corrosive. Non corrosive.
Moss resistant. (use highly water resistance raw material called ASA) Yes, it is moss resistant. Absorbs water over time, which may result in growth of moss. Unglazed sheets also have a tendency to absorb water over time, which may result in growth of moss
Light weight (is incredibly light in comparison to other roofing sheets, This makes transportation much easier. Yes, they are light roofing sheets No, it is heavy. No, it is heavy.
Sound insulation (excellent acoustic insulation performance, which is 15-20% lower than metal sheets) No sound insulation. Noisy in rain Average sound Insulation Average sound Insulation
No water absorption (roof water absorption level is lower than any other roofing sheets.) No water absorption Yes, it absorbs water Yes, it absorbs water

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