Installation of main sheet

  • Aroof Sheet slope is minimum 600mm (2Ft)
  • Purlins can be of wood beam or square pipes (60mm x 40mm x 3mm) or C-shaped steel (100mm x 50mm x 20mm x 3mm).
  • The top purlin should have a 180mm distance from the ridge line in order to install the ridge sheet.
  • The bottom purlin should have 50 - 70mm distance from the eave.
  • Purlin spacing is 660 mm, arranged from bottom to top.
  • Rafter Spacing between is max 1500mm(5Ft)
  • PITCH: roofing sheets are applicable to roof pitches from 200mm to 80mm

Correct alignment is very important regardless of the roof structure. Only with correct alignment can the sheets be assembled closely and straight.

Correct alignment is very important no matter what kind of roof structure, only then can the sheets be assembled closely and straightly. The vertical line should be 50-70mm to the interior of sidewall for a gabled roof, and horizontal line 150mm to the bottom purlin. Particular care needs to be taken when aligning the first row because on long sheets, even an off lining of a few millimeters for each sheet can create problems.

Then go on to do the second fixing, overlap the second sheet laterally onto the first and fix with self-screws on the first lowest sheet which corresponds to the overlap.

To keep the correct alignment of the fixing we recommend the use of a line of reference fixed to the extreme of the rafter.

Continue in the same way with the third and fourth sheets, and re-check the condition of the four sheets, then fix on every other sheet. Assemble the sheets in the same way until the final one. If necessary, the width of the final sheets may have to be cut accordingly.

From the second row it is recommended to start from the left hand side as this allows you to continue with a horizontal overlap of staggered rows, and as such you avoid a crossover of four sheets on the overlap.

Screws must be fixed vertically to the sheet surface. Screws with length of 75mm and diameter of 6.3mm are needed to fix the main sheet

For the triangle side of a four slope roof, begin applying the sheets from the middle, then continue to both left and right directions. Cut the sheet along the hip lines to assemble diagonal ridge


The installation of top ridge sheet should begin from one side. For the first sheet, it should be half cut to avoid the crossover of four sheets on the overlap. Self-tapping screws with length of 75 mm and diameter of 6.3mm will be needed to fix the ridge sheet into the main sheet. Take care not to fix the ridge near to the edge, avoid having infiltration problems


As to the installation of the side ridge sheet, it should be aligned to keep straight with the hip line. Self-tapping screws with length of 75 mm and diameter of 6.3 mm are needed to fix the prefabricated edges to the main sheet. Side ridge sheet must be installed from bottom to top with an overlap of 50 mm.


Three Way Ridge sheet is used as the joining element between the top ridge and the diagonal ridge sheet.


After finishing the assembling of side ridge, insert the side ending ridge piece into the bottom end of side ridge, and fix to the side ridge by rivets


Use sidewall flashing made of PVC or metal, stick the flashing board to the wall and sheet by self-tapping screws or nails and seal the higher end of flashing with silicon sealant.

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