A-Roof’s sheet is ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) coated PVC roofing sheet.
The products are special 4 layer co-extruded pvc sheets. The top layer material is made with ASA anti-climate engineering resin, which is suitable for outdoor use. Even when exposed to ultra-violet radiation, dampness, heat, chillness and impact, the product retains the colour and other physical properties and has excellent anti-corrosive properties. The second layer is uPVC layer, third layer is insulation material and the final layer is uPVC layer.

Our Products

A-ROOF (ASA Coating)

Range of colors

  • Spanish Brown

  • Dark Grey

  • Dark Green

Suitable For

Thickness 2.8 - 3 mm
Length 7' 11" / 12' 2"
2.41m / 3.71m
Total Width 1050mm (3’5”)
Gap Between Purlin 26 Inches
Covering Width 960mm (3’2”)
Layers 4 layers
Coating ASA

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