Material Identification A-roof is made of Virgin uPVC Material
Lead Free A-roof new technology makes the synthetic , roofing sheet without lead
Anti Load 647mm of A-roof has endurance of upto 100kg of loading pressure
Anti- Corrosion The material of synthetic resin roofing sheet is totally anti- corrosive, withstand most chemicals like acid, alkali and industrial emissions.
Fast Colour A-roof roofing sheet is protected by ASA resin, the colour will be preservd for more than 25 years.
Accostic Insulation A-roof synthetic resin roofing sheet has excellent acoustic insulation performance, which is 15-20% lower than metal sheets.
Moss Resistance A-roof is highly water resistance.
Health Hazard Free A- roof material contains no harmful fibers, no cancer effect or harmful rays.
Electric Insulation The material of synthetic resin roofing sheets does not conduct electricity (non-conductive).
Fire Resistance and selfextinguishing Material A-roofing sheet is HB (Horizontal burning) class and V-0 class material
Resistance to High and Low Temperatures A-roof’s new technology makes the synthetic roofing sheet suitable for all climates. The roofing sheet can endure temperature ranging from-25°C to 60°C.
Water Absorption Level A-roof water absorption level is lower than any other roofing sheets.

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