Quality roofing transforms your home into a distinct entity imparting character, strength, and stability to the building. It protects your home and commercial structure from rainwater seepage, heat, wind and UV radiation from the Sun.

With the right roofing, you preserve the structural integrity of your home. The type of roofing you choose – whether it’s for your new home or a replacement for your existing roof - it’s the quality and visual appeal of the material that determines the facelift your home achieves in the end.

You have several options to choose from, but a few among them stand out from the crowd. Well-informed and wise customers keep pace with changing trends and will pick a roofing material that keeps its original strength and visual appeal in all weather, delivering immense value for money in the long run.

A-Roof is a unique 4-layer U-PVC Roofing Sheet gaining fast popularity for its visual appeal, strength and durability. It stands out as a front-runner in characteristics like excellent heat and water resistance, sound insulation, moss resistance, minimal weight with excellent strength and free of corrosion.

A-Roof roofing sheets are designed and manufactured to exacting standards of workmanship. They are the best alternatives to traditional roofing materials. A-Roof is the ideal solution for the current trends and demands dictated by shifting customer inclinations. Insulated roof panels like U-PVC Roofing Sheets are non-flammable and withstand fire hazards exceedingly well. Highly resistant to moisture and water, its quality doesn’t depreciate over time, which means you do not have to bother about roof maintenance.

Promoted by the Ponnore Group well-known for quality brands like “Aqua Star”, A-Roof has carved a niche in the roofing market place with its growing portfolio of satisfied customers.

A-Roof understands your unique needs and knows what it takes to leave behind the sparkle that makes heads turn when people pass by your home.


A-Roof’s distinct 4-layer co-extruded uPVC Roofing Sheets hold an exceptional ranking in the roofing marketplace. These premium quality uPVC sheets are the best alternatives to metal sheets, fiberglass, clay tiles, ceramic tile sheets and asbestos.

What are the unique characteristics of these uPVC Roofing Sheets that led A-Roof to under pin its position as the No.1 choice of homeowners who do not compromise on quality, strength and aesthetic appearance?

  • Eye-pleasing appearance and wide-ranging designs
  • Excellent heat and water resistance
  • Superior sound insulation
  • Corrosion proof
  • Keeps the original color texture and appearance in extreme weather
  • Moss resistant
  • Lightweight facilitating easy transportation
  • No water absorption
  • Prevents the entry of destructive ultra-violet radiation from the Sun
  • Quick and trouble-free installation
  • Value for money

The well-chosen corrugated designs of A-Roof Roofing Sheets enrich their external appearance and smoothen water drainage from the roofs during the rainy seasons. The anti-corrosion properties of these sheets make them ideal for areas susceptible to extreme humidity and rain.

Available in a range of colors from Spanish Brown and Dark Grey to Dark Green, these sheets are elite 4-layer co-extruded PVC sheets, where each layer is engineered to demonstrate unique characteristics that help preserve its original appearance, strength, water & heat resistant properties.

A-Roof also supplies custom-made fittings and accessories that match the style and appearance of the roofing sheets, imparting an immaculate final touch of character and strength to the roof of your home. The accessories range from Water Proof Self-Tapping Screws, Top Ridge Sheets, Hip Ridge Sheets and Three-way Ridge Sheets to End Ridge Sheets.

A-Roof is a premium quality roofing sheet promoted by the Ponnore Group, which also markets products from another popular and well-established brand “Aqua Star “that deals in Rain Water Harvest Systems, SWR Fittings, Ball Valves and Pressure Fittings.

AROOF–the name synonymous with quality roofing sheets

In a brief span of its entry into the roofing materials marketplace, AROOF has established itself as a reliable and trust worthy supplier of world-class uPVC Roofing Sheets. A flagship product from Aqua Star owned by the Ponnore Group, AROOF uPVC Sheets have become synonymous with strength, appealing look and long-life, thanks to the most advanced manufacturing processes employed.

Un-plasticized Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate-coated Roofing Sheets, popularly known as ASA-coated uPVC comprise special 4-layer co-extruded PVC material. AROOF uPVC Roofing Sheet’s top sun-facing layer is made from ASA-coated engineering resin that endures extreme weather. This top layer preserves its original color and anti-corrosive properties in diverse weather. The second layer comprises uPVC, the third layer is an insulation material and the last layer is uPVC.

AROOF uPVC Roofing Sheets stand out as the preferred No.1 choice compared to Metal, Zinc-Aluminum, Asbestos, Clay and Asphalt Shingles. Unbreakable, lightweight and easy to transport, AROOF uPVC Roofing Sheets offer superior fire resistance and excellent durability. Its unique ASA coating imparts high water-resistant properties and prevents the formation of moss. They come in shades of Spanish Brown, Dark Grey and Dark Green to fulfill the demands of varied customer preferences.

Buyers have a wide range of alternatives to choose from in today’s competitive market. That often leaves them confused about the apt choice to make. But for those of you who’re sharp & judicious, and expect nothing but the best in quality & aesthetics with good value for money, please be rest assured you will make the right choice with AROOF uPVC Roofing Sheets.

On the strength of product merit and past performance, AROOF is your automatic choice for roofing materials - whether it’s your dream home, warehouse, office building or even a renovation you’re undertaking for your existing roof.

How do you benefit from ASA-coated uPVC Roofing Sheets for your home?

For your dream home or commercial building, the type of roofing you choose, its quality& visual appeal determine how well the dwelling gives you, your family or staff a measure of safety, comfort and peace of mind.

The roof is one of the most vital components of your home because it keeps you and your family protected from rain, wind, hail, extreme heat and the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation from the Sun. Good roofing serves multiple purposes and importantly, your selection of a smart roofing solution determines how well your home demonstrates that “touch of class”. The right roofing sets your home apart from hundreds of other houses that settle for the ordinary.

Let’s look at the different types of roofing materials and see how you can move ahead with confidence and settle on the best from among all others to give your home that unique and eye-catching appearance.

Metal Roofs

Metal Roofs were commonly used for warehouses earlier, but with the introduction of different designs, metal roofs are also being used for homes today. These roofs are strong and resistant to termites and other insects. But they are expensive and the installation requires skilled workers. There is no sound insulation and they prove noisy in rains. The paint is subject to fading from weather conditions.

Slate Shingles

Slate Shingles constitute a particular category of stone that’s split into thin sheets. They are 100 percent natural and have no additives. Strong& long-lasting, but they’re quite expensive and brittle. If you need to fix such roofs for minor repairs, the possibility of forming cracks is high. It would also be hard to find replacements that match the existing design since they can be purchased only in lots and the external finish and look may vary from time to time.

Clay Tiles

Resistant to fire, rain and decay, clay tiles are durable. But they are delicate and not easy to walk on to carry out repairs. It’s an age-old system with little modern technology but carries no pollutants or allergens. Unglazed clay tiles have a tendency to absorb moisture and water over time, and this may encourage the buildup of moss.

Un-plasticized PVC (uPVC) Roofing Sheets

One of the most popular and useful polymers in the world is PVC/ uPVC. Strong and unbreakable, they are extruded using multiple machines and layered to make design sheets retaining their strength, uniformity in thickness and quality. Being lead-free, it’s eco-friendly and offers excellent fire resistance. The ASA resin coating ensures that its color does not fade even in extreme weather. Non-corrosive and lightweight in comparison to other roofing sheets, they are easy to transport. They have superior sound insulation characteristics with water absorption levels lower than all the other roofing sheets.

Choosing the right roofing material is the most important decision you can make - whether you are constructing a new home, building, or simply remodeling your existing roof. Roofing style is dependent on factors such as architecture, purpose and access to quality roofing material that goes with the current trends in quality and appearance. In a market inundated with different roofing materials, arriving at the right decision might appear overwhelming, although it need not be so if you are in the company of knowledgeable roofing experts like Aroof, acknowledged as a leading roofing solution provider who understands your requirements.

Aroof uPVC Roofing Sheets are state-of-the-art roofing solutions that stand out in quality, performance and appearance. Aroof is the No. 1 choice for customers who demand the best returns on investment. Quality, durability and appealing looks are the foundations on which Aroof Roofing sheets derive their strength and reputation.

Aroof is a premium roofing sheet from Aqua Star belonging to the Ponnore Group.

How do you benefit from ASA-coated uPVC Roofing Sheets for your home?

The roofing sheet market scene today is flooded with an extensive range of roofing materials. Even well-informed and judicious buyers feel challenged to arrive at the right decision on selecting the best roofing sheet for their home, warehouse, factory or commercial building.

Well, there’s no need to feel disappointed, because if you devote some time exploring the neighborhood talking to people who have installed roofing sheets in the recent past and learn from their experiences, you will make the right decision and have no reason to regret it later. You will get to a solution that’s right for your needs, one that’s in harmony with the most modern and technologically advanced roofing trends associated with high standards of artistic & eye-pleasing appearance together with lasting quality and ease of maintenance. Importantly, the selection of the right roofing sheet should also draw your attention to the value you get from your hard-earned money.

Aroof ASA-coated uPVC Roofing Sheets occupy a privileged position in the roofing marketplace, thanks to the attractive benefits it offers to buyers.

What are the chief benefits that Aroof ASA-coated uPVC Roofing Sheets offer, and what makes them the No.1 choice of quality-conscious customers who demand the very best in quality and affordability?

  • Outstanding tensile strength, lightweight and non-breakable
  • Strong resistance to external impact
  • 100% waterproof
  • No fading of color – it retains the original look in all weather
  • Exceptional resistance to heat and fire
  • Moss-resistant due to its outer layer ASA coating
  • Excellent sound insulation
  • Non-corrosive
  • Lead-free and eco friendly
  • Protection against ultraviolet radiation from the outer ASA Coating

Aroof ASA-coated (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) uPVC Roofing consist of special multi-layered co-extruded PVC sheets made of high-grade Un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC). The upper, sun-facing layers coated with an anti-climate engineering resin called ASA that withstands harsh weather elements including ultra-violet radiation, dampness, heat, cold and external impacts. This top layer retains its original color and anti-corrosive properties in all weather conditions. The second layer consists of uPVC, the third layer is an insulation material and the final layer is uPVC.

Corrugated designs enhance the appearance and boost water drainage from the roofs during rainy seasons. The anti-corrosion properties of uPVC roofing sheets make them the ideal choice for applications in coastal area sand other places exposed to high humidity. Their remarkable heat and sound insulation properties mean that your family can relax and live peacefully in an atmosphere of serenity. Even when exposed to varying temperatures, including ultraviolet radiation from the sun, Aroof roofing sheets retain their original color and appearance for several years.

Aroof uPVC Roofing Sheets from Aqua Star is a premium quality, market-leading roofing solution. Aqua Star is owned by the Ponnore Group having over 25 years of experience in PVC pipes and fittings with sales and service outlets in Kerala and neighboring States.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing roof or constructing a new home, Aroof is your one-stop roofing solution. Please talk to us. We will listen, understand your needs and offer the best roofing answers you will always be happy with.

The Evolution of Roofing over the years

Since time immemorial, human beings, like all the other species on earth, have been confronted with many challenges in the pursuit of living a life with the bare minimum necessities which are indisputably food, water, and shelter. Humanity’s evolution with its never-ending resourcefulness has brought us to a world today that continues to thrive, innovate and flourish.

To find a "shelter" or the proverbial “a roof over one’s head” along with food and water has been one of the primary needs of humanity toward ensuring basic survival. Alongside, with the advancement of human intellect through the ages, shelter assumed an art form, and thus began a continuous transformation in the quality of homes where the “roof” ever occupies an important place because it protects the inhabitants from rain, heat and other elements.

In pre-historic times, roofing solutions were restricted to what man could exploit from his immediate surroundings. Palm leaves were the ideal choice for people dwelling in tropical areas. In the plains of Africa, roofs were made of mud and straw, while the inhabitants living in conical tents called “teepees” made use of animal skins. Wood was also used in combination with mud and woven fibers.

It is believed that China had employed advanced architectural methods, including clay 5000 years ago. Tiled roofs became commonplace in Europe during the period of ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. Thatched roofs began making their appearance by 735 AD, and wood shingles were introduced a few centuries later. By the 19th century, mass production of clay roofing tiles began. Asphalt shingles also gained popularity during this time because of their moderate cost and good lifespan.

Clay and asphalt shingles are still popular, while metal and membrane roofing solutions have also arrived on the scene. Metal roofs made from zinc, aluminum and copper are durable and can be bent to the required shapes.

Modern roofing materials inherit the remnants of the earlier times, merging the best features of traditional roofs with today’s technology and trends.

Durability, versatility, aesthetics and affordability are the features sensible customers look for when selecting quality roofing sheets for their new home, office or any other form of shelter. Customers have the choice to go decide what best suits their style and budget. The right decision would also depend greatly upon the reputation of the manufacturer and the service provider who takes the responsibility of roof installation and interacts closely with the end-user as the work progresses. He assumes the role of a partner who does not just “sells and forgets”, but collaborates to conceive and put together lasting roofing solutions by keeping customer interests and satisfaction as their foremost priority.

The long-term success of any roofing project depends upon the care, attention to detail and precision with which the roofing sheets are laid and reinforced. This is where brands like A-ROOF make their presence felt when it’s time to choose the right product with a dependable service provider for support. As a premium product from Aqua Star, A-ROOF Roofing Sheet solutions use state-of-the-art manufacturing processes guaranteeing exceptional corrosion resistance, heat & sound insulation with lasting color stability. A-ROOF Roofing Sheets are made of special 4-layer co-extruded PVC sheets. The top layer is coated with ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acryl ate) that withstands extreme weather. The remaining layers comprise uPVC, and insulation material. Lightweight and water-resistant, A-ROOF Roofing Sheets are the best and number one choice today for people constructing new homes or upgrading their existing roofing system.

Today’s technologically advanced roofing sheets are engineered keeping in mind customer preferences in style, durability and versatility. There are multiple choices available for customers. The roofing sheets you choose for your home reflect your personality and ideals. And certainly, there’s a long tradition of human creativity, hard work and workmanship behind the roofing solution you choose for your home.

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